The medical fields of lymphology and phlebology are developing rapidly. Specialized nurses, medical specialists, pharmacists, skin and oedema therapists, physiotherapists (specialized in oedema), teachers, manufacturers of medical products/devices and, last but not least, patients, each fulfil their own role. There is a lot of knowledge. But how do you share that knowledge with each other and ensure that you can 'improve' together? Els Brouwer Lymphology & Phlebology Consultancy has the mission to bring together and share knowledge with people working in the field of lymphology and phlebology, in order to further improve patient care.

Making connections in lymphology
and phlebology

Millions of people worldwide get lymphedema, lipedema and/or phlebological disorders. Sometimes in a primary form, possibly due to a hereditary cause, but also frequently secondary, for example after cancer. Every condition has an impact on the patient's quality of life and often has a psychological aspect. Thanks to medical research, education, innovations in medical products/devices and surgical techniques, skin therapy, physiotherapy and, last but not least, the efforts of patients and patient organizations, attention is paid to this and care is continuously being improved. But there is still a lot to do and collaboration is essential. Connecting forces actively in healthcare, product development, education and information helps in this regard. But certainly, also the contacts between care provider and patients. Els Brouwer Lymphology & Phlebology Consultancy is all about making those connections: that's what she is committed to do on behalf of healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and healthcare entrepreneurs.

Organize, bring together and develop

    Els Brouwer Lymphology & Phlebology Consultancy can be
    widely used for projects, events and education in the field
    of lymphology and phlebology:

    Organizing a conference or training? From A to Z or part of it:
    it is possible.

      In addition to chairing the day or providing moderation during a
      conference, it is also possible to search for and book speakers.

      In the field of compression therapy, self-management within
      lymphology/phlebology or woundcare, especially aimed at:
      • compression therapy (for phlebological and lymphological indications)
      • self-management
      • organization and project planning.

      Set up short or long-term projects within the healthcare sector;
      from scientific studies to education.

      Consultation in difficult cases in the field of compression therapy.

      Els Brouwer

      “Over the past decades, I have gained a broad knowledge in the medical field of phlebology and lymphology. First in hospital Nij Smellinghe (Drachten) as head of the dermatology/lymphology department and then as board member within patient network NLNet.

      Thanks to Professor Dr. Hugo Partsch from Vienna, international initiatives such as the International Compression Club (ICC) and various lymphedema organizations including the ISL and ILF crossed my path. I was also globally involved in product development, product innovations and education. In everything I did, networking and organizing turned out to be my strongest skills. Transferring knowledge and skills is my greatest passion. It is these skills and passion that clients who work with Els Brouwer Lymphology & Phlebology Consultancy can count on.

      Work experience

      Head of dermatology/
      lymphology Nij Smellinghe Hospital Drachten,
      The Netherlands

      Product manager Varitex NV, Haarlem, the Netherlands

      Education manager medi International, Bayreuth, Germany

      Head of sales Phlebology/
      Lymphology International, Bayreuth, Germany

      Portfolio Development manager New Business, Bayreuth, Germany

      Additional functions

      Chairman of the Dutch Society for Physiotherapy in Lymphology and Oncology (NVFL)

      General board member of the Dutch Network for Lymphedema and Lipedema (NLNet)

      Conference organizer NLNet/ILF/SLCN

      Lecturer and course coordinator Dutch Paramedic Institute (NPI)

      Board member Home Owner Associations

      Board member SLCN

      Member International Compression Club


      Setting up NLNet with the NVFL, NVH, BVN, Melanoma, Industry

      Translation “The Great Lymphedema Book” for children, from English into Dutch; in collaboration with
      the NVFL

      Initiator and organizer of the book “Impressed by you” in collaboration with Joyce Bosman, for NLNet

      Lobbying for and organizing the ILF conference in the Netherlands (Rotterdam 2018)

      Organization Cancer Energy Day 2011


      Jan Olthof prize (3rd) Self-management in Lymphedema 2005

      Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau 2018

      The Nel Greep Prize – Breast Cancer Association Netherlands 2019


      For more information, advice or a request for a quote, please contact Els Brouwer Lymphology & Phlebology Consultancy

      +31 613 789 847